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Self-diffusion and collective diffusion in a model viscoelastic system

Eric Michel, Luca Cipelletti, Emmanuel d’Humieres, Yann Gambin, Wladimir Urbach, Grégoire Porte,and Jacqueline Appell

PHYSICAL REVIEW E 66, 031402 (2002).


Bounded Step Superdiffusion in an Oriented Hexagonal Phase

Yann Gambin, Gladys Massiera, Laurence Ramos, Christian Ligoure, Wladimir Urbach.

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 94, 110602 (2005) 


A Microfabricated Rubber Microscope Using Soft Solid Immersion Lenses

Yann Gambin, Olivier Legrand, Stephen Quake

To be submitted to Applied Physics Letters


Lateral mobility in membranes : are experimental results correctly described by the Saffman-Delbruck model ?

Yann Gambin, R. Lopez-Esparza, M. Reffay, ...., Wladimir Urbach

To be submitted


Strenght of anchorage of transmembrane peptides : the longer the stronger ?

Yann Gambin, Emma Sierecki, Frederic Pincet, Robert Hodges, Wladimir Urbach

To be submitted


Consequences of hydrophobic mismatch : lateral mobility, strenght of anchorage, and auto-association of transmembrane peptides

Yann Gambin, Emma Sierecki,....., Wladimir Urbach

In preparation





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